A podiatrist is a doctor who specializes in the care of the foot and its related structures. He treats injuries, ailments, fractures, etc., and offers preventive and rehabilitative services. Podiatrists are also known as orthopedic doctors.


In Canada, this profession is divided into two: a podiatrist and an orthopedic surgeon. There are many specialist programs available for podiatrists, to help them to specialize in one particular area of orthopedics. Many of these schools also offer programs in physiology or animal chiropractic.

Podiatrists look after the physical structures of the foot. He makes sure that all proper procedures are carried out, to make sure that the foot is healthy and strong. He or she will ensure that proper exercises are done, in order to keep the foot strong and limber.

One major problem faced by people who need orthopedic care is pain. This is a very common problem. A podiatrist works to solve this problem, by having an examination done. After which, he will prescribe appropriate treatments, in order to get the best possible results.

In case, there is an excessive amount of pain, then a foot doctor will be consulted. She will assess the condition of the foot, and if she finds anything amiss, she will suggest appropriate treatment. She will also recommend someone else to give a proper diagnosis.

A common ailment, that occurs more often, is “toothache.” In this condition, there is inflammation of the tooth roots, which cause the gums to bleed, which can result in infection.

Poor or no proper oral hygiene can also cause a lot of discomfort. These problems can be solved with proper treatment, by a podiatrist.

A podiatrist will look into the question of how the pain is caused, and then he or she will refer the patient to an orthopedist for further medical advice. The orthopedic doctor will diagnose the cause of the pain and then will take into account various measures to be taken in order to treat it. Podiatrists and orthopedists work together to ensure that the patients can get the best possible results, without compromising their health.

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