VoIPJoy VoIP is an amazing VoIP phone accessory that will allow you to receive and make international calls even from your laptop. VoIPJOY is also a great phone companion, which is designed specifically to be connected to your computer’s USB port to enable a VoIP call over a normal phone handset. VoIPJOY is perfect for anyone who wishes to use a normal phone to make international calls in an easy and convenient way.

VoIP Joy enables you to make international calls within minutes on any computer. With the help of a special connection adapter and plug-in, VoIP Joy plugs right into your computer’s USB port. You can then make VoIP calls directly to your mobile phone by simply connecting the VoIP Joy to your mobile phone via the USB port.

VoIP Joy will work well with virtually any VoIP service provider including Skype, MSN, SkypeTalk, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. VoIP Joy works with all types of PC based phones. It also works with all kinds of Wifi networks, including mobile hotspots. VoIP Joy connects to both your local and international telephone system (IP) so that calls made to countries like Canada and the UK are able to reach your home country.

There are two main functions of VoIP Joy. The first is to make an international call using the standard phone network. Once you have connected the VoIP Joy to the phone system, then you can connect the unit to your computer using the USB port.

The second function is to make an international call by using your regular phone to make an international call. This function enables you to make international calls at any time that suits your schedule.

Once connected to the internet via the internet browser, you can use the special VoIP Joy application on your computer to create your own virtual telephone number. With this number, you can make an instant international call in just a few seconds. This number becomes the virtual number for VoIP Joy. The call is answered in real time by the caller and sent to your mobile phone number via SMS or email.

Using VoIP Joy you can make international calls without having to go to your office or a public library or public telephone exchange. You will never need to buy a traditional local number if you are trying to make an international call for a business purpose. If you have a PC and an Internet connection, you can make international calls at any time.

If you do not have an Internet connection, VoIP Joy will provide you with the opportunity to create a virtual number and make an international call for free. You may also make an international call using your laptop or computer when you are traveling abroad.

If you want to connect your phone number to the global network, then it is important to make sure that you are connecting the phone number to your local network. The VoIP Joy software will provide you with the facility to connect both your local and international numbers to VoIP Joy so that you can make an international call within seconds.

You may also select from several different services that are offered by VoIP Joy. These services include: international long distance, domestic long distance, local long distance, toll-free and toll-paid calls. The international long distance plan is a good option if you want to use your VoIP Joy only to make international calls. You need to make international calls to Canada and UK for free with this plan.

If you make international calls frequently, then the toll-free plan is a good choice for you. You may also make domestic and toll free calls to Canada, USA, Mexico, Australia and UK for free. if you need to make international calls regularly.

To subscribe for the toll-free plans, you need to contact the provider directly and discuss your requirement. In this case, you may have to pay a small monthly maintenance fee, which is quite reasonable. In some cases, the providers even offer free long distance calls to some of the countries.

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